Sinus Infections – What Foods Not To Eat To Avoid Or Help Stop Sinus Problems

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If you suffer from occasional acute sinus infections or suffer from ongoing chronic sinus problems there may be a few things you can do to help avoid or stop some or all of them. Eating a plant-based diet will get rid of a lot of ailments and health problems and many times sinus inflammations and infections will just clear up. Good nutrition, by focusing on more raw foods, which are nutrient-dense as opposed to cooked foods, which are dead and lack many nutrients, can be a good starting point.

The body knows what to do to heal and prevent sinus problems and other health and medical problems if it has the right fuel. Just naturally after you starting eating a good diet you may notice some good changes in your body. You may find you’re breathing better and your lungs may be in better shape. Breathing better is important because you want to heal the cilia in your nose and bronchial passages (the cilia have suffered and may be damaged) and help you fight off any foreign intruders that may be causing your sinus problems, sinus infections or other inflammation – sinusitis.

You may not have given much thought to foods and/or beverages that create or make sinus problems worse. There are a few foods you should avoid. You want to avoid any dried mucus buildup that is blocking your sinuses and thus leaving you open to infection.

You want to keep your sinuses hydrated – as moist as possible and that means drinking a lot of water. You can get a headache from dehydration so make sure to keep up drinking pure filtered or spring water and lots of fruit and veggies, which are high in water content.

But make sure to avoid cold or ice-cold drinks of any kind. The reason for this is it will slow the movement of the cilia in your sinuses so the mucus will have a difficult time moving through. A quart of mucus needs to move through your nasal passages every day. If the mucus can’t move through and the cilia are damaged then sinus infections can start up and take hold.

In addition you want to avoid drinking alcohol, eating chocolate or dairy products, avoid sugar and yeast and finally food additives. Food additives such as yellow #5 cause many problems. Many people suffer from sinus problems due to food allergies, so be aware of any foods you may be allergic or sensitive to.

Besides knowing what foods to avoid to stop sinus problems there are a lot of natural home sinus treatments you can do to get rid of sinus infections once they start without resorting to medications that don’t and won’t work.

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