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Feel Better, Spend Less.

GUAI-AID™ Guaifenesin Capsules & Caplets

Developed by Pharmacists to Work Better.

Guai-Aid™ is Dye-Free, Sugar-Free and Easy to Swallow.

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Guai-Aid™ is shipped to all countries where permitted

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Orders are shipped the same business day when placed before 1:00 p.m. EST

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All US orders are shipped FREE via USPS first class mail

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Guai-Aid™ Really Works Better

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Only The Highest Quality Ingredients

Easy to swallow controlled-release 600mg, 400mg & 300mg caplets & capsules. Guai-Aid™ is made in the USA and does not require a prescription!


Tremendous Savings Over Name Brands

Guai-Aid™ is very a economical alternative to more expensive name brands such as Mucinex©.

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Safe, Effective Guaifenesin at the Best Price

Use Guai-Aid™ daily, to effectively clear mucus from obstructive sinus, nasal and bronchial passageways.

Lowest Price Anywhere

High-Quality Ingredients

Free US Shipping

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All About Guai-Aid™ & Guaifenesin

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Guaifenesin helps clear mucus from the chest when you have congestion!

A 2022 Department of Health survey reported that nearly 1-in-4 people with nasal congestion, experience symptoms every single day…


Guai-Aid™ is formulated from only the highest quality ingredients

Guai-Aid™ is just ultra-pure guaifenesin and is completely free of dye, salicylate, gluten and sugar.

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GUAI-AID™ works better than Mucinex and saves me a fortune every month

Over the years, I’ve tried many different brands of guaifenesin for mucus relief.

Guai-Aid™ 600mg Capsules are smaller than other brands and easier to swallow, all while being less expensive and containing less binder than other brands.

Best on Amazon hands down!

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Sugar-Free: No Dyes & No Fillers

Guai-Aid™ 600mg, 400mg & 300mg easy-to-swallow Capsules & Caplets

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Order Guai-Aid™ Capsules & Caplets

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300mg Guai-Aid™

100% Pure Guaifenesin
free of dye, salicylate, gluten & sugar

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400mg Guai-Aid™

100% Pure Guaifenesin
free of dye, salicylate, gluten & sugar

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600mg Guai-Aid™

100% Pure Guaifenesin
free of dye, salicylate, gluten & sugar

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Why Customers Love Guai-Aid™

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BEST PRICE IN MY RESEARCH - I used Guai-Aid™ as ordered by my Pulmonologist for 30 days to clear up lung congestion. It WORKED and during those 30 days, I noticed that my night-time wheezing went away!
D. Dean
D. Dean
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GREAT SUBSTITUTE FOR MUCINEX - Guai-Aid™ 600mg capsules work very well for me and my husband. The price and quality makes them a "no brainer".
B. Wallace
B. Wallace
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FAST DELIVERY, GREAT PRODUCT - I have used Guai-Aid™ 600mg caplets for several years. Thank you for a great product.
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