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Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Support Group

iFoG - informed Fibromyalgics on Guaifenesin
iFoG - informed Fibromyalgics on Guaifenesin

iFoG's Mission Statement

"We believe those who suffer the ravages of fibromyalgia DESERVE to never again feel hopeless or helpless. We fully understand the daily pain and despondency you experience because we have been there. Our entire purpose is to share our experiences and help you to regain a life filled with joy and improved health on a safe and highly successful protocol which has been used around the world for over four decades. Because our Hawaii members have improved so remarkably since 2001, iFoG is eager to pay it forward by offering you our assistance, guidance and support as you reverse the effects of fibromyalgia."

Andrea Rose

Salicylate and Fragrance Free Skincare and Makeup by Andrea Rose

If you want products that are safe for the Guaifenesin Protocol, if you have sensitivities or allergies to salicylates, gluten or soy or if you simply want fragrance free products these products are for you! You can feel secure in knowing that I have a vested interest in always keeping these products safe. Why waste time and energy reading labels when it's very possible to make a mistake. Companies do change their ingredients quite often but many times keep their packaging exactly the same. Mistakes are made because of this.

My products are developed with you in mind, are high quality and outlast most other brands. A little goes a long way! SAVE money on not having to purchase that often as well as on shipping costs.

With a 20 year track record you can't go wrong. PERSONAL BASICS is looking out for you!