verified buyer 02/26/2018

I do not like the powder capsule.

verified buyer 01/31/2018

Deceitful illustration! They show picture of 5 (FIVE!) containers, making you think you get delivered 5 for the price. But they only ship a SINGLE ONE (based on the published $0.22 unit price).

Susan 01/13/2018

Love them - at 600 mg they really do the job! and capsules dissolve better and work better than hard pills.

Don 01/10/2018

Great value.

verified buyer 11/16/2017

I have to take this around the clock. It has reduced my migraines from every night to 2-3 per month. Well worth it. The timed release stuff doesn't work at all for me. The only beef I have is I would prefer if they were smaller since they sometimes get stuck in my throat (scary) and make it swell up.