Dennis 08/29/2016

I was glad I found this product. I was taking Mucinex which costs A LOT...I realized that the only ingredient in Mucinex is Guaifenesin, so here ya go...the same ingredient for half the price!!!!!!!

Kindle 07/13/2016

Helps me with chronic sinusitis. Keeps everything in my head running

Leslie 07/08/2016

Works just as well as name brands. And, the availability of this VERY large container makes the product economical to buy, and very handy to have on hand without multiple trips to store.

verified buyer 07/08/2016

Great great guaifenesin , WORKS better FOR ME than OTC musinex. It is more similiar to prescription form which used to be available.

Pat 06/29/2016

This is a great product for fibromyalgia too. Only capsule form I can find. Easier on stomach!