verified buyer 11/03/2017

work as good or better than the more costly musinex brand, and easier to swallow the capsules then those football shaped pills. Like the cost savings too.

Dean 10/30/2017


Erin 08/14/2017

The best!

helga 07/21/2017

Thank you so much for providing the GUAI-AID. I was advised to take these meds by the Fibromyalgia Specialist, they are difficult to obtain her in Texas.

Herb 06/14/2017

I have had problems with my vocal cords for months that I thought was "silent" reflux. Finally I thought it might be drainage from my sinuses. I started on Guai-Aid an the problem that had been present for 8 months and slowly improving, completely resolved in 2 weeks. I am getting up the nerve to cut back to once/day. But, I don't notice any side effects. I may be less sore in my muscles though that was not the reason I took it.