Fibromyalgia and Dehydration Similarities

How important is water to us? What if we went without it. Let us briefly see what an extreme case of dehydration does to the human body. Its been said that man can only survive 3 days without water. After 1 day the person feels light headed and dizzy,as their saliva slowly disappears and extreme thirst begins to set in. By the second day they become extremely uncoordinated and have problems focusing. As the dehydration takes its toll, cramping starts in the muscles of the arms and legs as the person writhes in pain. On the third day the lips go dry enough that they start to crack. The skin also becomes dry and starts to wrinkle as it loses its elasticity. Because of the lack of water in the body their blood thickens. The thickening of blood prevents the heart from pumping it at full capacity. Starved of vital oxygenated blood flow, brain neurons misfire and the organized electrical activity that drives the conscious mind begins to lose its grip of reality. Hallucinations begin as the subject then goes into comatose until the inevitable.

Sorry for that, Its just to prove a point how important water is to the human body. When one becomes thirsty without refreshing itself, dizziness and confusion sets in. Muscle cramps and pain then follow. Due to the lack of blood flow to the brain, it is unable to perform at its full capacity, thus the pain, fatigue and dizziness. See what I mean?

How much water do you need in your body in order to perform everyday routines without a problem? Science tells us that our bodies are made up of 75% water. So you can imagine how important it is to keep that level on a daily basis. 75%?? We lose water from our bodies every day through simple activities such as sweating,breathing and urinating. As our activity increases so does our level of water loss increase. Going to McDonald’s for a #3 with fries and a Coke is not helping the situation of replenishing water loss. Grabbing a coffee,beer and/or sodas are the opposite of what your body needs in order to fulfill, because they actually absorb water away from you. The only way to provide an healthy recourse of everyday living is simply by drinking just pure water! Guess where else you get water from? Yes, Fruits and vegetables! Here we go again! The feeling of being thirsty should really never come into play. We should all be drinking water consistently enough to keep ourselves fully hydrated enough so that we never feel thirsty. Of course we cannot always be in situations where water is always available. Or can we? Its that important that we should treat this as if our life depends on it.

Now lets talk about Fibromyalgia

Have you ever heard of a disorder in which the sufferer deals mainly with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and memory loss? How about a disorder that delivers intense pain and discomfort in muscles and joints all over the body? How about a disorder in which its symptoms also include problems with sleep, headaches, irritable bowel, dizziness, abdominal pain and even vision problems? And that is just some of them. How about a disorder that affects more than 5 million people in the United States today! Its called Fibromyalgia (FMS,Fibro-Myalgia Syndrome)Which has become a such a widespread disorder that Doctors have begun to classify it as a syndrome, which means its symptoms and traits occur together. These symptoms can put one in a very restrictive lifestyle due to the intense pain, discomfort and feelings of despair. Unable to understand what has become of themselves and their ongoing symptoms associated with FMS, anxiety and depression can also take its toll on anyone who cannot seem to find solutions for overcoming this horrible syndrome. People live with painful joints and muscles,waking up in the morning as if they had no sleep at all,and bouts with what has become known as “Brain Fog” a short term memory loss which goes along with inability to focus. So the main symptoms are pain,fatigue and a lack of focus.These and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia bring on what seems an unending battle for a normal life.

So the problems that go along with Dehydration are:

Muscle pain – fatigue – dizziness/confusion – headaches – vision problems – Abdominal pain- nausea – constipation

The problems with Fibromyalgia are:

Muscle pain – fatigue – dizziness/confusion – constipation – headaches – weight gain – indigestion – vision problems – Abdominal pain – nausea – sleeplessness,

Get the point?

Source by James Connelly