Do Night Shifts Cause Fibromyalgia?


Simple answer – yes, I believe night shifts can cause Fibromyalgia, to a certain degree. However, if you can’t stop working night shifts, there are ways that you can compensate for working nights and the toll it can take on your body.

I also believe that all the computer work that I have always done helped creat fibromyalgia in my body, but I still work on the computer. I couldn’t imagine a life without a computer. I love the Internet and technology. I have just had to learn to work in ways that don’t cause me pain and issue.

So, I worked night shift for 5 years before my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I remember sitting on the couch and just crying because I couldn’t sleep as well during the day as I could at night and I was soo miserable – but I didn’t feel like I had a choice to not work nights.

One thing I did to help me sleep better were valerian root, blacked-out room, a fan and earplugs to reduce noise, and thought-dismissing, and relaxing stretching.

Valerian root – I would take the full dose allowable on the bottle one hour before bed. It smells bad but works good.

I tried melatonin but it didn’t seem to help me.

I would black out the room as much as possible with curtains and use an air conditioner to make sure I was comfortable. A fan and earplugs would block out noise.

One thing that I would try now if I were working night shifts, or if I had any issues with sleeping is those nasal strips that the football players wear. I hadn’t come across this idea when I was working night shifts, but a book I read recently says that opening up the nasal passages can cause a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. It’s surely worth a try.


Source by Lisa Klein Weber