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Why Is Mucus Important?

 We all need to expectorate.  The act of coughing and spitting up Sputum from the respiratory track. Sputum is one of the more common materials we produce which carry impurities, foreign matter and a host of airborne particles trapped by the protective layers of mucus. Our mucus layer actually helps protect our bodies from these foreign particles and materials. Mucus also lines our nasal passages and works with our cilia (microscopic hair like processes) to trap and remove impurities we breathe in every day. Before we actually require a handy facial tissue, our natural defenses including mucus, will protect us from all those airborne invaders so we can go on breathing and feeling well.

So Why Control Mucus?

Have you ever experienced a bad cold or an acute bronchial chest infection, or just stayed in a smoke filled room too long?  When your lungs and sinuses may seem to become irritated and you just can’t seem to clear the congestion out of your chest?  You may be experiencing the initial signs of bronchial or sinus congestion. This is especially noticed as the tracheobronchial secretions become more active and start to get the better of you causing sinus swelling and or chest congestion when you least expect it.  You try to cough and blow your nose with a tissue, but these secretions are just not going away.  This may result in the buildup of excess mucus, phlegm and other types of bodily materials.  By controlling this exasperation of mucus and phlegm we can help prevent the effects of congestion which often contributes to cough, cold and flu symptoms.

Guai-Aid® Can Help You Feel Better

Taking Guai-Aid® will help clear up your congestion. It helps to thin and loosen congested mucus and bronchial secretions, making it much easier to breathe and expectorate. Your cough will be more productive and you will feel a lot better. Guai-Aid® can also be taken on a daily basis to prevent unwanted congestion, especially during the cough, cold and allergy season. You may find comfort knowing that Guai-Aid® does not interact with other medications and is safe for those suffering from chemical sensitivities and sugar restrictions.